Future Plans


Like all great schools, NDS must honor and preserve its traditions while evolving in response to changing times and opportunities to strengthen our academic and co-curricular programs. The friends, management and trustees of Northshire Day School are in the process of creating a strategic plan that will ensure educational excellence in a nurturing environment for many years to come.  
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Strategic Issues


• Ensuring Financial Sustainability

• Optimize School to Home Partnership  

• Balanced Curriculum




Northshire Day School in 2017 is and is known as the regional leader in early education where children take their first steps in lifelong learning.


Goal 1 Growing in Excellence
In 2017 Northshire Day School has a 5-star rating in the Vermont state STARS program.


Strategic Agenda
Within the next five years we will…
A. Continue to comply with changing state regulations
B. Enhance and expand staff qualifications and continuing education, training, and professional development
C. Increase frequency and quality of interactions with children, families and community
D. Thoroughly assess performance and seek improvement
E. Strengthen programs, operating policies and business practices


Goal 2 Growing in Joy
In 2017 Northshire Day School inspires and models a joyful learning environment.


Strategic Agenda
Within the next five years we will…
A. Inspire lifelong learning throughout the NDS community: staff, parents, students
B. Expand creative opportunities in art, language, music and physical fitness offerings
C. Identify and celebrate milestones
D. Recognize faculty who model joyful learning


Goal 3 Growing in Community
In 2017 Northshire Day School serves as a valued caring community for students, parents, staff and neighbors.


Strategic Agenda
Within the next five years we will…
A. Optimize relationships with parents and among parents through improved and expanded communications, including use of technology and social media
B. Strengthen existing partnerships in the community and explore new partnerships
C. Increase parental involvement and interaction
D. Provide physical spaces and opportunities where parents/families can gather and connect
E. Provide opportunities to foster collegiality among staff members


Goal 4 Growing in Resources

In 2017 Northshire Day School has the resources that ensure sustainability.


Strategic Agenda
Within the next five years we will…
A. Maintain enrollment
B. Explore and develop scholarship programs
C. Optimize non-financial resources such as staff, facilities, volunteers, and connections
D. Ensure a competitive compensation and benefits package
E. Create and implement a development database and plan to include grant writing, annual giving, and donor cultivation
F. Strengthen endowment
G. Increase alumni and grandparent outreach and relations
H. Manage infrastructure costs


Goal 5 Growing in Image

In 2017 Northshire Day School is known regionally and is the preferred choice in early childhood education.


Strategic Agenda
Within the next five years we will…
A. Identify and promote the NDS 'brand' (including 5-STAR achievement) to existing and new markets
B. Set the standard and become a resource to other early education centers
C. Increase collaboration with other schools
D. Increase targeted communications with an emphasis on technology and social media
E. Build relationships with human resource departments of local corporations
F. Create and promote a word-of-mouth referral system utilizing NDS ambassadors
G. Develop a signature program