Northshire Day School Committees


NDS Family Committee is a group focused on connecting families within Northshire Day School. Our goal is to work together to join families through playgroups, support NDS school activities, host community building activities within the greater Northshire community, and organize community focused fundraising events. Examples of events we run are Rec Park Playdates, Holiday Kindness Campaign, Community Warming Rack, Pancake Breakfast and Spaghetti Dinner. We are here to promote friendship and support of each other, the school, and the community.

Farm to School

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Building & Grounds

The Building and Grounds committee is charged with the upkeep of our NDS buildings and ensuring the grounds are safe for NDS students, staff and community members. Key areas of focus include annual safety inspections, keeping up with current state regulations, building and grounds maintenance, and long term facility planning. The Executive Director and Administrative Director are key parts of this committee. They see the day to day facilities challenges and react quickly if there is an issue that needs immediate attention.

Development & Fundraising

The Development Committee oversees a fundraising structure to include annual fund appeals, a constituent management system, and major gift cultivation; can include ad hoc non-Board members.


The Finance Committee is charged with the responsibility for continuing review of operations, formulation of the annual budgets, and supervision of the investment of the Association’s endowment and reserve funds, also making recommendations for NDS’s financial policies and risk management, as part of the by-laws.


The Governance Committee implements the nomination and election process for Trustees and presents recommendations to the Board for revision or changes in bylaws and policies. 

Salary & Benefits

The salary and benefits committee works with the executive director and select staff members to ensure NDS offers a compensation and benefits package that is comprehensive, competitive, and affordable.


The Executive Committee is composed of the four officers and charged with the overall function of the organization.  The executive committee assists the executive director in addressing any confidential contractual or personnel matters, reviews committee work, and facilitates planning of the Board's meetings. 

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