Mission & Values



Northshire Day School cultivates a nurturing and inclusive

community where children grow and thrive.

Our Core Values

Development of the Whole Child

NDS seeks to identify and build on each child’s unique greatness. We use competency based assessment through differentiation aligned with

best practices and Vermont’s Early Learning Standards. Each child has access to personalized learning and is supported by qualified, caring

early educators. Learning is active, cooperative, hands-on and play-based. NDS has a commitment to developing the whole child and fostering

a lifelong love of learning.

Health & Safety

We are uncompromising in our culture of health & safety for for our children and employees at NDS. Our policies and practices support an atmosphere of shared values that prioritize health and safety in our daily work with children and one another. Children learn about and practice healthy and safe choices creating an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for children and adults. Our goal is to help children develop healthy, happy lives equipped for the future.

Loving Environment

Northshire Day School strives to provide a loving environment with our supportive and caring teachers modeling empathy, kindness and responsiveness to children to foster loving relationships amongst staff and students. NDS values a loving environment and meaningful relationships as a vital element in a child’s growth and development.


As an organization we are active in creating an internal community as well as participating in the community beyond the walls of our school.

We believe that children are the most important asset in our community and their engagement in the community is an extension of their early experiences offering safe, supportive and positive environments for them to learn and grow in. We have positive and strong partnerships with

area agencies to bring enriching and beneficial learning experiences to our students, teachers, families and community members.

Family Partnerships

NDS recognizes that strong partnerships that encourage family involvement are an essential part of any high-quality early care and learning program. Family involvement not only reinforces progress and learning, and supports children's growth at a critical time for brain development,

it also helps to support program development. Family’s presence at our school, contribution of time and dedication to our cooperative community

is foundational to our school’s identity and culture.

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