Donor Recognition

Thank You to Our Generous Donors

THANK YOU Dorr Oil for your in total donation of $10,000 to support Northshire Day School.

After donation $5,000 to NDS, Dorr challenged the community to stop by for a fill up, with an additional $.10 a gallon up to $5,000 to be donated.

We are thankful that thousands cars stopped by to help us reach this goal. As the saying goes, “It takes a village, to raise a child.” #inthistogether

The Northshire Day School community is extremely appreciative of your support.

Northshire Day School is an unparalleled early educational center whose existence would

not be possible without these generous benefactors.

Annual Giving 2019-2020

Individual Gifts

Billie Jean Ackert

Katy & Keith Addona

Michele Ann

Dick & Cindy Barrows

Sierra Batey

Vanessa Beattie

Steve Blanchard

Heather Borhek

Katie Valentine Bove

Kimberly Bryant

Jenna Caler

Lisa Caler

Dina LaGreco Campbell

Kelly Chuhn

Harold & Debra Colegrove

Stacey Colegrove

Katherine & Shawn Combs

Jon Comeau

Andrea & Pete Conrad

Ian Cook

Katherine Courtright

Ann Crocco

Laura Dailey

Lucie Daley

BJ & Lenny Diamond

Christine Dickinson

Pamela Drueding

William & Linda Drunsic

Jayde Dufresne

Patricia Dupree

Ashley Eaton

Sharon Frank

Judy & Nick Gault

Megan & Nick Gault

Robert & Carolyn Godbout

Jane Gras

Jessica Handler

Karen Harrington

Shawn Harrington

Robyn Harrington

Roby Harrington III, In honor of Julie Mackey

Erin Hayes

Trudy Heinrichs

Molly & Steve Hemkens

Frances & Michael Hinder

Susie Hunter

& Doug Watson

Irene & James Hunter Charitable Fund

Brian Keefe

Robert T Keeler Foundation

Lisa Kertesz Kelly

Carol Kern

Claire Kerstel

Dricka Kimball

The Fredricka

V Kimball Trust

Robert King

Kathryn Kirwan

& Trevor Neal

Kim Herrera Kowanko

Betsy LaVecchia

Erica LinLizzy

& David Lindenberg

Nikki Lynn

Heather Mackey

Julie & Tom Mackey, In Memory of John Frank

Tom & Debbie Mackey

Cristina & Alden Maddocks

Lauren Magrath

Scarlett Magrath

Giom & Dave Mance

Bojan & Emilie Mandaric

Elaina Manley

Gabriel Manley

Nancy Mark

Patricia Hatch Markham

Brian & Erica Marthage

Martin Family Trust

Kathleen Matos


& Beverlee McGrath

Heather Kelly McGuire

Heather Kelly McGuire

Brian McGunnigle

Virginia McNulty

Corey & Suzanne Mears

Eric & Suzanne Melzig

Lindsay & Doug Melzig

Laurie Metcalfe

Ruth & Gordon Metcalfe

Jeffrey & Lynn Meyer, in honor of Patricia Jennings

& Isabel Meyer

Keith & Patty Michl

Greg & Linda Millert

Jennifer Moore

Gail Morgan

Patricia Morrissey

Jon Mowry

Greg Muñoz

Marty Muñoz

Stephanie Muñoz-Wells

Pam Antisdel Nemlich

Nicole Nichols

Kate Nolan

Bethany North

Janet O'Bryan

Mary Ann

& Jason O’Connor

Taylor Patrick-Rushinski

The Perkins Charitable Foundation

Annemarie Peters

Tina Peterson

Christine Pietryka

Adam Pruett

& Ben Stillman


& Catherine Redlein

Mary Beth Canavan Reid

Kristin Rhea

Karen Rinaldi

Tom & Cindy Rinaldi

Margaret Roberts

Kenneth Roberts Jr.

Marge Rockwell

William Rockwell

Kelly Roemmelt

Shelley Silverman Rolf

Maggie Rubick

Ricci Rubick

Chris & Sharry Rutken

Jane & Edward Ryan

Jennifer & Matt Samuelson

Danny & Meghan Sawtelle

Jean Davison Scholl

Yael Schwartz

Dianna Scott

Nancy Skea Severance

Ashley & Rob Short

Lindsay & Adam Sigrist

Amelia Silver

Stephanie St. Laurence

Allison Stannard

Andrew J Tarantino

Lauren & Beau Thebault

Ed & Patty Thompson

Stephanie Thompson-Roy & Marc Roy

Jean Trudel

Els Van Woert

& Simon Perkins

Dave Warth

Carolyn Waters

Molly Watson

Laurie Fulton Webster

Mary Welford

Liz Wickersham

& Dan Begallie

Ronald Wilder

Becky Wilder

Francis & Virginia Wilkins

Jan Williams

Patti Williams

Business Support

AmazonSmile Foundation

Bromley Mountain

Chandler Four Corners

Dorr Oil

Green Mountain Boys Association

Green Mountain Excavating

Green Mountain Girls

GSK Climate Control

H.N. Williams Store

Let's Grow Kids

Mance's Family Tree Farm

Manchester Capital Management LLC

Mother Myrick's Confectionary

Northshire Book Store

Prospect Rehabilitation, PC

rk Miles

Samantha Lauzon Photography

The Pharmacy Northshire, LLC

The Richards Group




We couldn't do it without you!

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